Dolphin Sound
Living Well and Making Music on the Big Island
The Dome
The Dolphin Sound Dome is a floating sound temple over the ocean. A transparent, acoustic dome structure is attached to a circular, floating platform with an open center. We create healing music within the acoustic space of the Dome. Visitors to the Dome can relax on comfortable, floating beds and enjoy the music along with the gentle rocking of the ocean. We locate the Dome where free-swimming dolphins and whales can participate, if they so choose. With the help of a two-way hydrophone, they can hear us, and we can hear them.

The physical Dome is still being envisioned. We have been experimenting with a "domeless" Dome on the Big Island of Hawai'i, using an ocean kayak or paddle board as the floating platform. We sing the music of the moment in response to the natural beauty all around us. The dolphins join us. We hear their loud chuffing sounds as they surface to breathe right next to us, and we see their sound bubbles in the water as they swim under and around us.
We have recorded a live album called "Mermaid Song" ~ music recorded while floating on our kayak, with dolphins swimming all around.

Click here to listen to Mermaid Song

An Image of the Dome

Visionary architect Peter van Geldern heard about our Dome project, and he generously created several preliminary concept sketches, including this axonometric rendering.

Imagine that the Dome depicted here is 50 feet in diameter.  People can stand or sit on the platform, or they can float or swim in the open center.  Curious dolphins can swim inside the Dome if they so choose!