Dolphin Sound
Living Well and Making Music on the Big Island
Music lessons at Dolphin Sound are designed to be fun! We offer the following music lessons and group classes on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Private lessons may also be available via Skype. Contact us for scheduling and rates.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons give you practical tools and reawaken your natural connection to your voice. You will become a more confident and skillful speaker and singer. You will also feel joyful, energized and expanded.

"I have now viscerally felt a song deep in my chest and hummed to the beat of my heart. I cannot thank you enough for the gift of experiencing sound vibrations on a whole new level.” ~ Michelle

"Using the voice like that...was powerful. It's empowering me." ~ Golden

"For as long as I can remember, I have loved to sing. I find singing incredibly uplifting and heart opening. As a teenager, I was told that I had a terrible voice, and so I shut down. I spent the many years of my life after that believing I could not hold a tune let alone sing a song. Recently, I decided to make a change and face my fears. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Meg. What a breakthrough! I can actually sing! Meg's patience and skill as a teacher is remarkable. I look forward to leading my retreat groups in song. A dream come true!" ~ Hannelore

Violin Lessons

Do you have a violin sitting at home that you've always wanted to play? Violin is one of the most delightful and expressive instruments, with many applications, from orchestra to contra dance to kirtan. Bring your musical interests and your desire to play, and let's get started!

"You are an incredibly gifted musician and violin teacher. Thank you for your endless patience and encouragement." ~ Deepa

Fiddle Friday

is class meets in the evening on the first Friday of the month. Violin students interested in fiddle music come together and JAM! We discover how to listen to each other, how to improvise, and how to play harmonies with simple tunes.

"I enjoyed playing and coordinating with other fiddlers. We learned from each other." ~ Chuck

Enjoying a violin lesson

Beginning Voice and Chanting

This is a group class in which you will learn how to use your resonant voice more fully as you experience the joy and transcendence of singing Sanskrit mantras with a group. The class provides easy warm-ups and vocal exercises, as well as information about the tests and pronunciation in Sanskrit. Much of the time is devoted to chanting mantras chosen for their simplicity, beauty and power.

"Your class helped me tremendously. I now know how to focus on my own resonance and blend in with a group. I like the way you teach, your gentle and considerate approach." ~ Bernie

"With your guidance, I'm learning about how to connect to my breath and my chakras as a source and foundation for creating sound. This experience gives me more than joy and inspiration; the beautiful sounds that I'm making and hearing from others are opening and healing places in me with sublime depth." ~ Andrea

Voice and Chanting at Paleaku Peace Gardens